What Is Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is often described as the psychology of inter- and intra-personal communication. NLP is about how our minds work and about identifying the perception and cognitive patterns underlying all human communication. NLP is to people what mathematics and engineering are to the physical world. NLP is a powerful and explicit model of human communication and experience.

The field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming got its start at the University of California, Santa Cruse. What started as a project modeling world class therapists (Virginia Satir, Fritz perls, Milton Erickson, and others), these observations allowed the developers to recognize and codify the structure of subjective behavior. Bandler and Grinder continued their research and formulated the Meta Model of language and studied eye movement patterns and their meaning. They modeled the “non-verbal” behaviors of effective people and were able to duplicate responses.

NLP training will give you a veritable tool box overflowing with powerful skills and processes. You will acquire linguistic and behavioral skills and you will definitely become more effective when working with others.

With NLP you upgrade your mental software and learn to achieve your outcomes with confidence, respect, and elegance – while helping others achieve theirs!

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