23 Day Accredited Master Practitioner Syllabus

• Modeling
• Multi-Level Communication
• Meta Program Sorting Patterns
• Time Lines
• Utilization of Time Tenses
• Neurological Levels
• Beliefs
• Presuppositions
• Utilization and Transformation of Beliefs and Presuppositions
• Slight of Mouth Patterns
• Criteria Ladder
• Forgiveness Pattern
• Grief Pattern
• Disney Strategy
• Bateson’s Cross Fertilization Strategy
• Graves Model
• Values (Criteria) Identification and Utilization
• Elicitation of Complex Equivalence and Adjustment of Criteria
• Sleight of Mouth
• Installation and Utilization of Strategies
• Refined Use of Sub-Modalities
• Deliberate Multilevel Communication
• Negotiations
• Presentation Skills
• Modeling

Great emphasis is placed on the continual integration of Master Practitioner level skills and information with previously learned Practitioner skills.

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