About the Institute

The Institute was established to provide quality training and instruction in the use and application of NLP skills and concepts to the private and public sectors in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

The Institute offers one, two, and three day seminars on topics such as:

Executive Coaching:

NLP consulting and training is offered to executives at both the personal and professional levels. We help clients to establish clear and attainable goals and an understanding of the steps needed to attain those goals in all aspects of their lives.

Interpersonal Communications Training:

We teach skills that will enhance the ability of your personnel to increase the level of trust and confidence experienced by company clients – thus allowing a more complete and accurate understanding of client needs. The result is improved customer service and satisfaction, increased client loyalty, and improved client retention.

Leadership skills for effective meetings:

Leaders in all fields participate in meetings on a regular basis. More often than not, an incredible amount of time is wasted when the meeting strays off course; and what should have been accomplished in fifteen minutes, takes an hour or more – if it is accomplished at all. NLP skills and concepts enable managers to conduct effective and efficient meetings where real work is done and progress is made.

Human Resource Management:

One of the most important business applications of NLP is in corporate team building. Have you ever put together, or been part of, a team that simply could not get a project off the ground because its members were unable to decide the best way to begin? Or, conversely, did the team fail to complete a project because it became so caught up in the details it ignored the big picture and lost its way?

We can provide the expertise that will enable you to put together effective, task-oriented teams. We can motivate your existing groups in a way that generates mutual understanding and appreciation between and among team members. This can be accomplished even when various personalities see each other as non-cooperative, obstructionist, or territorial.

All business and professional training can be held at any location.

Accredited NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Certification Programs:

These programs are designed to allow participants to acquire proficiency in NLP at various skill levels. Attendees gain substantial flexibility and choice in all areas of interpersonal communication. Through their knowledge and awareness of the patterns of others, they can make immediate adjustments to ensure the best possibility of reaching their desired outcome.

NLP training offers the ability to recognize and have choice – choice in the way you interact with others and deal with problems in all areas of your life, and choice in the way you think and feel about yourself. NLP training gives you powerful linguistic tools for precise and effective communication as well.

Our certification programs are conducted in accordance with the educational curriculum and instruction time standards established by the International Neuro-Linguistic Programming Association, Ltd., a “not-for-profit” organization of NLP professionals.

The Institute also offers NLP psychotherapy

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